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Long Grain Rice
The fantastic taste that controls the taste buds and the rich aroma that awaits in the heart, HANS RAJ 1121 distinguishes the extra-long grain basmati rice from different brands. Our 1121 extra-long grain Basmati rice is accompanied by extra long grains, it has an infallible smell during and after cooking. Our Japanese sortex machines guarantee better cleaning and uniform grain size to give your usual and extraordinary day's dishes a delicious look and feel. It is considerably longer than it is wide and is one of the most remarkable combinations of rice as a result of its surface, nutty taste, and popcorn-like smell. Each grain of 1121 extra long grain basmati rice gets complicated when cooked, yet does not fill up too much. Each pimple remains divided when cooked and gives soft, padded results that contain padded, slender, and non-sticky grains. The most ideal decision for plain/surreal rice and various regular/exceptional dishes. Also, an optimal friend of Indian curry.
Extra Long Basmati Rice
An outer variety of rice, extra long basmati and its forms are light and long-stemmed.  Basmati rice has some miraculous properties. Rice is a supporter of the development of Ojas and is curiously called the smell of rice consumed. Among all the varieties of rice, basmati is the most sattvic and aromatic.
Pulao Basmati Rice
Pulao basmati  is a perfect food and I make it when I have to cook something fast, simple and satisfying. This one-pot dish made of rice and vegetables is added flavours and spices, which give it a light sweet-smelling flavour. This extraordinary recipe belongs to my mom and is my favourite recipe while making veg pulao. The dish is similarly vegetarian and corresponds to alone or raita (an Indian yogurt dish), pickles and cooked papad (a freshly delicious Indian bite).
Super Basmati Rice
HANS RAJ AGROS Basmati Rice is characterized by its fine surface, long and thin pearlescent white grains, and unmistakable fragrance. Whenever cooked, the grains prolong up to multiple times long. Premium in quality, this super basmati rice is for individuals who prefer to consume rice only with extraordinary Indian curry or recipes like rajma and kadhi. It is matured for at least 1.5 years which brings about better volume, fleeciness, and yield.
Tibar Basmati Rice
Tibar Basmati Rice is one of the most amazing rice allies for serving extraordinary local dishes from across India., Tibar Basmati Rice has a brilliant smell. The size of grains is reliable. It is handled well prior to bundling to eliminate superfluous debasements. It goes best for biryani, Pulao and jeera rice. It is sterile. It goes best with curry and sambhar. 

It is characterized by its fine surface, long and slim white grains, and unmistakable smell. The recognized kind of  Tibar Basmati Rice transforms regular dinners into liberal galas.
Dubar Basmati Rice
Dubar Basmati Rice has an enduring effect due to its flavor and soft surface. This rice is totally of the 1121 assortment guaranteeing incredible quality and taste. It guarantee predominant quality and high healthy benefit. With its brilliant smell and size, this rice is best reasonable for all assortments of dishes going from Dal Chawal and Jeera Rice to Pulao and Biryani.
Mogra Basmati Rice
Mogra Basmati Rice has been a fundamental piece of various rice recipes in each Indian family. It is handled under the oversight of specialists. One can have it with meat, curries, dals and a lot more food things. It tends to be utilized in an assortment of rice dishes including biryani, pulao, and other Indian dishes. 

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